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"if I could tell a story with words, I wouldn't carry a camera around"

Tiago Xavier is a Portuguese Photographer and Filmmaker

Born in Oporto in 1985, currently residing and working in Lisbon, he showed an early passion for art and creativity, and drawing was his vehicle of expression. Expressing on a piece of paper his environment has been a strong tool to reach the point where he is at the moment. As a kid, he took his first photos with a toy camera, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He saw the chemistry and physics of the analog being transformed in pixels, but did not lose it's charm. His education is based on Graphic Design, but his real passion is photography.

The fascination with image making, dedication, curiosity and the relentless pursuit of perfection led him far. The irreverence and originality of his early fashion, portrait and conceptual works, made him travel by the audiovisual world. In addition to still photography, he works on advertising and cinema, where he discovered a new passion - Cinematography, which made him signed many projects in the last decade, from commercials, to short-films, to stop-animation projects and music videos.

The same precision and accuracy he has with the shutter of his camera, makes him a men capable of capturing the finest details of life also on motion pictures. With a very tuned cinematic approach.

Tiago Xavier’s photography is characterised by irreverence, experimentalism and a very unique view of the world, which explains why he can always capture something, whether the target of his lens is a beautiful model or the anus of a panda.

One thing is certain, Tiago’s photos are never boring.

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